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Censar® Six-CENSE™ Analytical Sensor

Real-Time Six Parameter Water Quality Sensor Censar

Censar Six-CENSE multi-parameter sensor rapidly and accurately measures chlorine (free chlorine), mono-chloramine or dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential, and temperature using electrochemical technology on a robust ceramic chip. Censar Six-CENSE is the only multi-parameter sensor designed for direct insertion into pressurized water mains (but it is also effective in side stream installations). This capability makes Censar Six-CENSE ideally suited to fulfill water utilities’ requirements to monitor water quality at multiple sampling points throughout their distribution system. The unit is easy to install, simple to calibrate and is designed for maximum durability with minimal operator maintenance.

Censar® Six-CENSE™ analytical sensor
Simultaneously measures:


Censar® Six-CENSE™ Probe Head & Chip

For technical questions about Six-CENSE please contact AES Global, Inc.’s sales representative:
Alex Martinez | 714-512-4822 | Email Here

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