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AES Global, Inc. has just signed on a new partner to add to our extensive list of partners! Introducing Uniloc’s NetAnchor™, network cyber security software! When threats are real and growing by the month, you need a defense both forceful and flexible to protect the technology you've spent years perfecting. NetAnchor has the expert, specialized solutions you need to lock out threats to your SCADA infrastructure, DCS, and industrial and manufacturing networks.

It all starts with Physical Device Recognition, Uniloc's ground-breaking technological development, which lies at the heart of Uniloc’s critical software security, licensing, and business-intelligence leadership today.

Uniloc’s NetAnchor™ solution was designed specifically to protect critical infrastructure (CI) from cyber-attack. Providing a simple, hardened, and extraordinarily secure way to protect critical assets from cyber-attack on any infrastructure, NetAnchor™ guards all types of networks, whether wireless, public internet, or open standards.

Call for a free network security network evaluation! (714) 783-7334


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